This work was part of a curated exhibition 'Sequences and Cycles"of 5 ceramic artists from Central Australia. I used locally gathered materials to build with, termite mound, local clay, grasses, manure and recycled paper which I slaked in an old bath in the garden. Many friendly folk, some I knew some I didn't, offered to help mix these bath loads up, even the quite smelly manure ones, proving that playing with mud is a pretty innate thing. I left the forms as adobe structures to facilitate an easy recycling at some point. Recycled materials clay paper grasses cow manure bush fire termite mound mixtures,





Pigeon tower under construction
Early morning additions  before workto the earth form. I had hoped to complete the whole sphere and roll it in the gallery but not to be, and it was still partly wet as it was installed

A willing worker extracting clay from the top layers of a local clay pan.