Touch-installation of 10,000 pinch unfired pots

The idea for this body of work was born in a kiln room where my friend and I, who are both ceramicists and teachers, were admiring tiny pinch pots students had ben making for class exercises.

We thought how amazing it would be to make thousands of them and to fill a gallery. So we decided to get get many people to make many, many little pots with us and see if we could do that.
 Over some months we took clay everywhere with us, to parks, malls, dinner parties, under shady trees, afternoon teas, work ready organisations, lunch spots etc and see who would sit down with us.

The nicest thing abot this process was the time shared with others, people of all ilks, some we knew, many we didn't.  This time of making was meditative or quietly chatty, and concentrating. We heard some great stories! and there was lots of laughing. The pinch pot process gave a comfortable democratic space as pinchers helped fill the boxes, and ofen became addicted!

Our installation was finally made with 10,000 pots out of clays of many types and colours, some mixed with ashes, dirt or sand, some dug locally and all, apart from a few hundred to give tonal variety were unfired. !

Touch was set up on the floor of Watch this Space Gallery in Alice Springs in a square, representing the topography of our desert country as we see it from the air as we fly in and out.

Visitors to the Space added further to the installation until it became a tide lapping out across the floor.

Watch out for a further installation in the clay pans with a drone fly by, before we recycle the clay for other exciting adventures